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Case Studies in Pensions and IRAs

CalCPA Education Foundation L.A. Estate Planning Committee Presents:

Join Alex as he discusses things that commonly go wrong with small business retirement plans and the implications those errors can have on estate planning.

Date:  June 13, 2012

Time: 12:00-2:00 pm

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Alex Brucker–Speaking Engagements

With a Self-Direct IRA you can invest your retirement funds when, where, and how you want. That allows you to create your financial future with the freedom to make choices with your retirement plans. Self-directed IRAs or real estate IRAs give you the unique ability to choose from a variety investments,

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The word of the last few weeks has been “extension.” According to the non-Mayan Washington calendar, December is hold your breath month and January consists of 31 doomsdays. The reason for the apocalyptical calendar is the one we have been pointing to since the Committee of 12 failed to reach a super federal deficit reduction deal: Boatloads of long time tax relief provisions ranging from estate tax relief to top individual marginal rate relief all expire on December 31st;

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Schedule an MCLE Presentation in your Office

Meredith J. Sesser, senior attorney at Brucker & Morra, APC, offers a free MCLE-accredited informative presentation for law firms.  The presentation, entitled “Retirement Plan Audits: What You and Your Clients Need to Know,” provides advice on how to avoid (and/or prepare for) a retirement plan audit.

Below is a summary of the presentation:

Retirement Plan Audits: What You and Your Clients Need to Know

Audits and investigations can be triggered for a number of reasons;

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